Taran taraaa

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In my personal quest to visit every last museum in Paris before I am dragged kicking and screaming back to Blighty, I went to the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature yesterday. I am not normally a fan of hunting, but I think that man -and woman-was meant to be an omnivore and that the world has become very hypocritical about it’s food. How many kids these days realise or even care where their hamburger started life?

This Musee has an incredibly ‘personal’ feel to it. It’s pretty new, having been created by the Francois and Jaqueline Sommer Foundation in 1964 and is housed in the Hotel Guénégaud – a mid 1600s building which has had a major face lift in the past few years.

The artist Saint Clair Cemin was comissioned to design chandeliers, door handles and banisters in keeping with the theme of the museum and indeed, these are what first strikes the visitor. Cast in bronze, they take the form of plants, antlers and other aspects of the hunt setting the scene for the rest of the museum. Walking up the stairs holding the scaly banister sends a shiver down the spine. Cemin also cast bronze panels showing many aspects of the hunt–heads, shotguns, birds-dreamlike or nighmarish depending on your perceptions.

The museum is set out as a series of cabinets, each dedicated to one or two aspects of the hunt. The Cabinet Rubens, with it’s spooky feathered ceiling, chasse1

the Cabinet de la Lincorne, with it’s curiosities. The overall feel is that of a Victorian collector’s house, all creaky floorboards and stolidy ticking clocks. Yet this museum has much modern art too. Jeff Koons’ ‘Puppy’ is here, and many other pieces relevant to the theme. It has an installation room on the ground floor which is actually, at the moment, quite frightening, showing Tania Mouraud’s ‘Roaming’-a dramatic,  noisy black and white depiction of violence, death and dying.

I really didn’t expect to find much to my taste in this museum, only wanting to add it to my ‘collection’, but I was surprised and amazed to find so much to be excited about there. I will definately return-soon.


slow learner

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sometimes I think I will never learn certain stuff. Like self-discipline. Can you learn that, or is it like blue eyes-you either have them or you don’t. Hmmm–thinks to self–there’s always coloured contacts though…

Anyway–because I have been so lazy about posting, every time I try to access this blog i have forgotten my password–yet again.

Once I tried for ages and couldnt figure out why it wouldnt send me a new password link until I realised that I was trying .net instead of .com. Click the x now–this woman’s dangerous.


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I am in my second temporary apartment. I feel as if I am in limbo. I can’t settle-I haven’t even unpacked properly. Can’t wait for the 26th when I move into my ‘proper’ place, where I should be staying for the year. Roll on.

the things you see……

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this made me wonder--who lived there.....

this made me wonder--who lived there.....

On a walk across the river today, I came across this building with the er–interesting balcony. Is it me or does anyone else find the design on the ironwork…..interesting…..

waving goodbye, saying hello.

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I waved goodbye to my son today. He has been staying with me for a few days here in Paris. This is goodbye to ‘holiday mode’ too. I have spent a great summer with my children and friends, but that’s over and now I have to get down to learning and planning. I will miss said son and daughter very much, but they are adults now and can take care of themselves. Of course, I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon !

Sooo–it’s just me and the cat for the next year here in Paris. Hello to my ‘gap year, 30 years late’. I have a lot to do.

hey I’m still here !

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Did you think I had given up blogging? I don’t blame you. I am so lazy. But busy too. In the last month I have:

sold my house and got rid of most of my possessions

moved temporarily to London

survived horrendous journey over to Paris (10 hours of VERY unsettled cat, despite the sedation and pheromone spray)

found 1 apartment for the year (lovely courtyard place in the 11th) and 1 temporary one for the 2 weeks in between this and taking over the one in the 11th

fought an almost constant battle with inept international bank who have STILL after a month, not provided me with the means to access my own money from paris. swines. I hate them.

Sooo–life has been full, if not always fun. When I get down about stuff, I remind myself that this move was MY decision and this is where I want to be. It’s all good, as they say.

‘I made my dream come true-I am in Paris’

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That is the declaration on a pstcard my daughter bought for me yesterday in Paris. Yes–I made it. We arived here last thursday after a day of travelling hell. If it weren’t for the cat, we would have flown, but due to the damn Eurostar refusing to take felines-but considering this feline, could we really blame them-we had to travel by ferry. The poor cat was made to travel in no style at all on the car deck in a cage with our luggage bags. Both she and my daughter were distraught. However, both of them survived and we finally got to Paris after 10 hours travel from London. I will not do it again. When the time comes, I am flying her back. I don’t care how much it costs.

We are staying in a wonderful loft in the Butte aux Cailles. I will really miss it when the time comes to move out. It is such a characterful, stylish space. The wonderful woman who rented it to me is selling it. Oh, that I had the wherewithal to buy it, but unfortunately  I don’t have that sort of cash. I have it until September 14th, so I must find somewhere to live after that. i have a number of irons in the fire and I hope one of them comes out red-hot. Wish me luck.