I have applied for a tenancy on a flat. I couldn’t believe how intrusive the forms were. ELEVEN pages! I suppose that they have to be careful, especially in the current financial climate, but hey….Oh, I also have to pay FIFTY pounds for ‘admin costs’, to the estate agent. Assuming that the landlord is paying a fee to the estate agent, why on earth do I have to? Win-win for the agents. As usual. So–assuming I get the flat-and I don’t see why I shouldn’t-I will be leaving Paris in just over three months.

What will I miss about Paris? Me being me-the food. A boulangerie on almost every street with most of them selling great stuff, the street markets, which are the most wonderful entertainment as well as a source of–well, everything, and my neighbours.

What won’t I miss? Mostly the French ‘sense of humour’ (either very childish or non-existent) and their obsession with mince.


~ by entropycottage on March 13, 2009.

One Response to “ongoing”

  1. Hi gillian
    Is this the only way I can find out what you’re up to?
    PS The huskies are great!

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