mission accomplished–so far…

Well…..I am now officially a university student. The flying visit to the UK to be interviewed at Leeds was well worth it. They said that I was ‘just the sort of student they wanted’ and offered me a place on the Art History with Museum Studies course on the spot. I am more than pleased. Now to tackle the twin hurdles of student finance and getting a flat.

There is no way in hell I will be going into halls. For one thing I am 30 years older than almost every first year student and for another, I have the cat. So there will be another one or two quick visits in the near future to scout out accomodation.


~ by entropycottage on February 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “mission accomplished–so far…”

  1. Hi gillisn
    I decided to send you a note on your blog as our e-mail is so slow due to the computers lack of memory.
    I’ve been in a bit of a fog from July to December. I don’t know why but my quilting friend Wendy saw me through it and now I’m making another quilt for a show in April. It won’t win but at least I’ll finish it.
    In August Adrian and I managed a weekend in Rome. It was very, very hot. We saw the lot including the Vatican, the Colloseum, the Appian Way or at least part of it and some catacombs (not impressed!). The best thing was fresh cold spring water from fountains everywhere.
    I’m sick of hearing about the “credit crunch” here. It’s just like the seventies with the press reporting all the redundancies etc etc.
    T and C both have part-time jobs. T makes Dominos Pizzas. He also delivered them until he lost his driving licence. He got 6 points which automatically revoked his licence and required a resit of both parts!
    C is working in a Coffee shop but still requires a regular top up from us. I don’t know what she’s doing but it’s probably eating! She’s off to Spain in Sept for her third year at uni and back to Sheffield for her four and final year. She gets homesick but then she can’t settle when she’s at home so next weekend Adrian, the dog and I are going to see her fro a change. Then in March T is going to see her and then she’s off to Barcelona for a cheap weekend.
    Just read this and it’s very boring so I hope you’re not snoring!
    Lots of love

  2. Also good luck with uni. Halls wont be that bad if all else fails and at least they’re cheap. All C’s loan goes on rent now and pay bills have to be paid on top.
    sorry I didn’t make it to France. Maybe you can show me around Leeds. The only time I went there for the day the covered market closed for half day.
    I can hear more snoring so bye again.

  3. This is definitly the finish. I forgot to say that the emblem on the right in purple and white is just like a patchwork block.

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