on the edge

As the title of this post indicates-I feel that I am teetering on the edge of the next step in my life. The conveyancing is progressing–albeit slowly. We would have exchanged contracts two days ago, but for my buyer’s buyer’s deposit cheque not having cleared. Again, it is the weekend, so another two wasted days when solicitors do not work. You know- I have the terrible feeling that solicitors just cannot make anything simple. Whether they do it to preserve the mystique of their profession or to accrue yet another hour’s work (£140 an hour!!!!) Whichever it is-I am not impressed at all.

Meanwhile-back at Entropy Cottage, life becomes more and more chaotic. The remains of a car boot sale littler the family room, no visitor gets out of the house without being practically FORCED to take something and, since I am freecycling like crazy, things keep winking out of existence like the tardis on Doctor Who. I now have a small step-ladder for a bedside table, the sofas are going this week and I am considering blowing the air bed up if I get rid of my bed. We shall be practically camping out in this house soon.

The clearing out of things is proving to be a sort of cleansing experience. I am a hoarder, so the first clear out was a bit painful to say the least. Sorting out a box  of school stuff took an age as everything brought back so many memories. But–bit by bit-things got done. I am keeping very little. The stuff I cannot part with will be stored by friends and family, or in the case of my Art History books, used by my daughter who studies that subject at university.

So–I am on the edge, waiting to jump.  Wish me luck and pray that I can fly.


~ by entropycottage on July 6, 2008.

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