my first meme!

I’ve managed not to do a ‘meme’ yet, so here goes…..

Two names you go by:   

1.Gillian and….

Two things you are wearing right now:    smarter clothes than I slob around in at home–I’m at work. Soooo– lovely comfortable suede boots from the ever-glorious Marks and Spencer. 

2.My Old Faithful navy blue cardi.
Two of your favorite things to do:  

1.Lie in bed and read or surf the net.

2.Gardening, when the weather is better than it is now. (by the way, sitting in the garden on a sunny day reading and drinking gin and tonic seems to feature quite heavily in ‘gardening schedules’. )
Two things you want very badly at the moment:

1. I have to say Philippe Torreton, but I realise this is a futile hope.

2. To sell my house. Helpppp…
Two favorite pets you have had or have now?

1. My cat Josie. she was my soulmate. She got to 19 and had to give in though. She was purrrfect.

2. My maine coon, Willow. Taken away by a careless driver at three years old. The original Madwillow Candy Floss Kid and sadly missed.
Two people who will fill this out:

1. No idea.

2. I need all the friends I can get so–I’m not asking.
Two things you ate last night:

1. Cheese gosh–is that why the dreams come?..

2. Tomatoes.
Two things you ate today:

1. banana

2. Cereal–it’s still early.
Two people you last talked to:

1. Mad person at work. The voices are still there apparently. Maybe I should talk to them instead?

2. Caroline. Also mad, but actually another member of staff….
Two things you’re doing tomorrow:


1. Working-yes we work at the weekends–bleah.

2. Friend’s son’s 21st birthday party-yay.

Two favorite holidays: any holidays are my favourite. Not that I mind work, but hey–holidays are holidays..
Two favorite vacations:

1. Paris–of course.

2. New York..Moma, erotic bakery, lower east side, Zabars, etc,etc,etc.

Two Favorite Drinks:

1. Gin and Tonic. (elixir of life)

2. Mojito-caramba-what a drink !
Birthday: 17th October–remember it.


~ by entropycottage on April 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “my first meme!”

  1. Hi Gillian! Of course I’ll link you – you’re the first to have done it! 😀 It sounds like we had a similar experience in New York – when did you go?

  2. First went in 1984—omg–a lifetime ago. The statue of Liberty was under scaffolding and Ellis Island wasn’t open yet, so I missed it that time. Good trip though.

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