the reurn of the feline.

Went to the vet’s this morning with the cat to get blood taken. I guess it was just too soon after the tooth operation for her to regard it as ‘just a nice trip out’. It had to be done though-if she is to be able to travel with me; her pet passport must be valid and this means a test to see if she now has an immunity to rabies.

She’s not the most patient of cats at the best of times, so I knew there would be trouble. As soon as she saw the Vet, she screamed in indignation and slashed his hand. She may be old(ish), but her reflexes are still razor sharp and so are her claws.

I held her at first but as soon as she heard the razor start up it was obvious that she was going to have to be ‘bagged’, as for the cat, this was the final straw. She was put in a natty blue and green bag which also went over her eyes and muzzle. It took a grown man (the vet’s assistant) to hold her down. Needless to say-I left the room.

We are back home. She has had something to eat and I am on the bed with a cup of tea. My head is done in. I can take the bandage off her leg (she struggled so much, she tore the skin) tomorrow. The hair on her neck (where they had the second and more successful try for blood) will grow back in a month or so.  My nerves will never be the same again.


~ by entropycottage on March 26, 2008.

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