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I have been struggling with one of the cats for a few days. She has a bad tooth and a gum infection, so I have had to squirt lurid pink antibiotic into her -indignant and squealing-mouth twice a day. Why do those drops say ‘palatable’ when they smell of fruit and the cat obviously detests them? palatable to who? After a few days of this she is obviously feeling much better and is ready to go on Tuesday to get her tooth out. The other cat, obviously feeling left out, decided that he was going to have a viral infection and peed all over number one son’s bed as he  didn’t have the energy to get off the bed after not eating for three days. I found out about this after said son stormed into my bedroom wearing dripping boxer shorts and nothing else. Okkkk–up to the vet’s-again; parted with another 40+ quid and came home again with more antibiotics and a selection of meds, food and water syringes for the cat, who is singularly unimpressed and just wants to be left alone in his suffering. The place looks like a drug den. Not a great thing when you are trying to sell a house.


~ by entropycottage on March 3, 2008.

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