Pets–who would be without them?

A part of the exotic caravan of worldy goods that I will be attempting to drag across the channel one day this year will be the family cat. Yessss–I know all the reasons for not doing it-the cost, the hassle, the rabies-but there are more reasons to do it such as -my daughter would not speak to me again if I didn’t. So, this morning, the cat and I set off for the local vet to see about the incredibly bad breath she has (I suspected a bad tooth or two–the smell would strip paint off a door, but apart from that she is a charming feline). Half an hour later -and fifty quid lighter-I got home with liquid painkiller, antbiotics and a furious cat.

The painkillers had to be administered by syringe as had the antis. Number one son was enlisted to hold said furious cat so that I could give her the medicine. 20 minutes later the spitting howling thing had departed upstairs and we were bathing wounds and washing antibiotics out of son’s nose where the cat had spat them.

She goes back to the vet’s next week for an op on bad tooth. That’ll teach her.


~ by entropycottage on February 27, 2008.

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