night duty. wot a larf eh? it should be illegal. isn’t there some study or other about sleep deprivation driving people nuts? well, the least said about that one the better. I should have slept today, I really should have. but there’s just too much stuff swirling around in my woefully inadequate cranium for it to switch off enough to let me rest.

3 house offers. all a bit low.

8 viewings. some hopeful, some very hopeful, others total prats.

son’s UCAS applications trailing back over a couple of weeks. yay–he has places at 4 universities (still waiting for one) and the one he really wanted just said yes. tyty st. jude.

so you see- sleep evades me .

4 more night duties to go………


~ by entropycottage on February 18, 2008.

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