failed again..

oh well–the 1st to -what is it today–the 10th? well it’s just over a week. I’m the same with diets and resolutions-the moment I announce them, something in my head says ‘don’t do it–you know you DONT want to…’

The house has been on sale now for a couple of weeks. We have had half a dozen viewings already which, in the current climate, I pretty good I suppose. it’s like the lottery I –the first few times you do it you think youre going to win right there and then but when you don’t, half of you thinks ‘shite–I really thought…’ and the other half thinks you’re a prat for thinking the first thing…oh well, I’m sure someone will like it enough to buy it before too long.

It’s been a lovely spring-like day today and I have been in the garden cutting down old raspberry canes. Maybe I will use some of them as pea sticks. 

Time for a cup of tea…..


~ by entropycottage on February 10, 2008.

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