hello….? hello??…

It’s been a while. Months. Then I resolve to write  more and here we are halfway through January and still I have written- nothing. To be fair–and in my defence, I am preparing the house for going up on sale and have been cleaning and painting like a madwoman. I have also changed my job-sort of. I moved sideways to another part of my company-still in mental health, but a different client group (under 65 rather than elderly). It has been a good move, even though my wage has reduced. The atmosphere at work is good and I feel that I am being treated as an adult instead of a child. It’s also less–much less-tiring, so I am able to actually do things when I have days off, rather than collapsing in a groaning heap waiting for the time to go back to work again.  

So far, I have ruined one pair of trousers, one fleece rugby shirt and one cotton jumper. Fortuntely the paint seems to be attracted to me rather than the floor. Yesterday I restuck  some of the tastesles -previous owner–(I have only been here 11 years for goodness sake–I should have decorated EVERYWHERE ?) bark effect ceiling paper back on. My hands ended up covered with glue and looking like a horror movie. It was fun peeling it off afterward though.

Ironically enough, the house is looking better than it has for ages–but not great enough to want to stay. Despite the gloomy housing market, I am still selling. I am preparing myself for months of mental anguish and gnashing of teeth, as I have sold houses before and know that this is par for the course. I am also keeping the baseball bat handy should some smart alec walk in thinking they can take advantage of the current climate and offer me 30k…


~ by entropycottage on January 13, 2008.

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