I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote anything here. Time flies when you’re….well-time flies. I’ve just come back from Paris. Against my better judgement I went with two of the most annoying people in the known universe–my son and my friend. Now, I can handle them singly, but when they get together, the sarcasm and the criticism (tosses head a la Miss Piggy) becomes a little much to bear at times. OK-I can be an airhead-even I will admit that my mouth runs off before my brain cell sparks, but I’m not a total tit–am I?….am I..???

We rented an apartment on Boulevard _______.. and very nice it was too. I anticipated having lots of shopping to do, so I suggested to Steve (the friend) that we take the cheap holdall on wheels to the Monoprix. Steve looked aghast at the thought of wheeling what he saw as a shopping trolley, but I assured him that he couldn’t tarnish his already tatty old lady image and we went out, leaving number one son to recover on the bed as he had had a poor night We bought food, we bought wine, we bought bottles of water etc etc etc That holdall held everything. We got it to Republique–halfway home, when Steve -who was wheeling it (of course-why have a husky and bark yourself) announced that it was getting heavier. I shushed him and said that everyone felt like that when getting shopping home, but he whinged for another ten feet and announced ‘IT IS getting heavier !’. A quick check revealed that due to the weight, the wheels had splayed and the bottom of the holdall was dragging on the ground like a worm ridden dog’s bum. Steve insisted I take a hand in dragging the sodding thing home. At least we nearly got home, when some kind gentleman patted Steve on the shoulder and pointed out the trail of orangina leading twenty feet back from the now worn away bag. It could have been worse–we at first thought it was wine. We dug out the ruptured bottle which of course fountained orangna into the air. I stood with my finger over the hole like the little dutch boy while Steve cried laughing The mood of the moment then hit me and I had to sit down before the orangina trail was joined by a new trail of–well, never mind. We carried the sodding thing back home between us.


~ by entropycottage on September 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “shopping”

  1. I deeply resent ‘couldn’t tarnish his already tatty old lady image’! Keep that up Mme Oui, and you can go to Paris next time without the husky :oP
    *stomps off, grumbling ‘pah – it wasn’t like this in my day’ *

  2. oops–forgot about the comments box……

  3. usual goings on with you lot! im actually sorry i missed it! hahaha x

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