How Much ?!

‘Dear ms entropycottage (ok–thats not what it said, but you get the gist), we notice that today you have exceeded your agreed overdraft limit. you will be charged unless you have today deposited funds to cover the said overdraft. ‘naaahhh’ I thought–‘I’m not overdrawn.’ So I got out my trusty friend, bébé acer, and checked my account. whats this?…dr…DR????!!!!! o m g. I’M OVERDRAWN….by 24pence. So I re-read the letter  and decide to call the bank.

Bank-‘Hello-what can i do for you today?’

Me- ‘You can tell me how much you are going to charge me for being overdrawn, for starters.’

Bank-‘Hang on, I’ll have to get your details up on the computer’

I listen to some really bad elevator music for a minute or three.

Bank-‘Ah yes, I see that you are overdrawn’

Me-‘Yes-I don’t know how I missed it, but hey , it’s 24 pence. How much are you proposing to charge me then?’

 Bank-‘Er–thirty pounds…’

Me-(after a milisecond where the red mist came down)-‘WWWHHHAAAATTTTTTTTT!!’

Bank-‘I know–it does seem rather excessive.’

There followed a rather heated next minute where I threatened to leave the bank I had been with for over twenty five years (they wouldn’t miss me, lets face it, but it was my only hope) and go to another bank–any bank.  I reminded the bank that I had NEVER EVER gone overdrawn before and that if they charged me thirty pounds for borrowing a measly 24pence without grovelling on my hands and knees first I would hold my breath and die, but not before writing to the newspapers first.  Bank then said that they would forgive me THIS time and not charge me, but please would I keep an eye on my finances in future. I breathed again and said a surly thank you (polite knee jerk).  I also asked if the call was being recorded and when I was told yes, I said they could play it at the next training session and I wouldn’t charge them a fee.

Bank-‘Okayyyy–anything else I can do for you today?’

Me-‘Gin and tonic, ice and lemon, please-I’m worn out.’

Bank-‘I would very much like to do that, but unfortunately I can’t’.

Me-‘Oh well-bye then.’



~ by entropycottage on July 13, 2007.

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