hmm…a plan….

has the monsoon season finally passed?…we are having the third halfway decent day in a row….hmmm. I am having a day off, so I might actually spent a little while in the garden. I discovered yesterday why the ‘sweet peas’ I had planted to wind attractively around the washing line post were actually—mange tout. Oh well…the pods look nice, even if the flowers are all white and scentless…..

I have made a life decision. Erin and Jack are at the time of their lives when they need me less and less. Erin has already taken a student house even though she is not moving in properly until september, and Jack will be leaving in sept 2008. Sooo–when I am the proud owner of  childless nest, I will then sell said nest and go to Paris for a year. It’s been a dream of mine for years to live there and I’m not going to end up in an ol peoples home thinking ‘I never did it…’ Thats my life plan. So I am going to spend the next year decluttering my life–and -I have LOTS of clutter-and painting the house in nice neutral colours (except the downstairs loo, cause I love it’s sheer luridness) before selling it for as much as some poor fool will pay for it.


~ by entropycottage on July 10, 2007.

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