children-beware the huskies..!

Yesterday at work, I got a panicked phone call from my daughter.  At first I couldn’t make out what she as saying as she was shouting so loudly. Actually she could have dispensed with the phone as we only live down the road from work, but anyway what was worrying her was that she had gone into the garden to hang out some washing or something and out from the neighbours hedge tumbled-two white huskies who proceeded to roll about the garden in a play fighty sort of fashion. Now Erin is like me-a cat person- so she did what the sensible cat person does–ran for the back door and screeched for her brother who was in bed recovering from night shift. He stumbled downstairs ready to do battle with the white huskies who had by now fought their way out of the garden to god knows where. He growled at Erin (in a not unlike a husky sort of way) and ambled back to bed. Erin looked both ways, stepped out of the garden and—the huskies hurtled back through the hedge. Her screaming Go! GO ! GOooooooooo!!!!!!!!! got Jack back downstairs only to find his sister screeching at an again empty garden….he was so not amused as he thought she was playing some sort of trick on him. Sooo–after a few choice words about what he would do to his sister if she did THAT again, he stomped off back uptairs. Erin called me shortly afterward and related the above tale. I must admit, I was starting to get a tad concerned about my youngest child’s state of mind-especially as she used the word ‘husky’ about 1000 times and every time I heard it, it sounded more absurd. Erin now wondered if she had imagined the whole thing. (she has these lapses of reality now and again). I told her not to worry about anything; the huskies had appeared to have disappeared and I was going to be home in an hour or two. The rest of the day was husky free and we thought no more of it.

This morning I was enjoying a lie in as I was on late shift. The weather was pleasant and I was dreaming of -well–never mind that-when Jack rushed in, jolting me out of my reverie. ‘Quick, quick-come to my room–there are two huskies fighting in the garden–Erin isn’t mad !’ I jumped out of bed and ran to his room-looked out of the window and—-nothing.  I went back to bed.


~ by entropycottage on June 28, 2007.

One Response to “children-beware the huskies..!”

  1. ” I jumped out of bed and ran to his room-looked out of the window and—-nothing. ”

    …….that just proves the madness is hereditary.

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