tin of beans….human life….hmmm….weigh it up

Im sitting up in bed, bleary eyed, after a night duty. I work in a residential home for the elderly. Usually I work days, but we are short staffed, so I am taking my turn working  a night. I used to work nights all the time. Never again–if I can help it. It’s unnatural-and really mucks you up.

Don’t get me wrong-I really like my job. I just don’t like having to work EVERY DAY  FOR LESS HOURLY MONEY THAN SHELF_FILLERS GET AT THE SUPERMARKET. It really steams me up. (obviously, eh?). The percentage of our populations who will need care late in their lives is going up each year. People are living longer. Yet these people -although the majority of them have worked and paid taxes and contributed to the making of this sorry country all their lives-are hardly valued at all. Neither are the army of men and women who care for them. Residents in care homes often do not vote, pay taxes or -in many cases -aren’t cute like the kids on the charity adverts on TV. So they often sleep the last years of their lives away in dreary boredom, because of lack of resources, looked after by staff who-thanks to the trendy thinking of the government are weighed down by qualifications from course after course, but get paid a pittance. How can this society justify paying more for pushing tins of beans onto shelves than caring for actual human lives……hmmmmm 


~ by entropycottage on June 17, 2007.

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