a new year, a new resolution.

•January 4, 2011 • 1 Comment

as you do. and so, I’m reviving this. not for anyone else-nobody reads it anyway-but for me. of late i have fallen out with two people. One permanently I think (can’t be helped) and one temporarily I’m sure, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place and it was mostly my fault. So. I resolve to:

be less bad tempered

work harder

love more

I’ll give it a try.



•March 13, 2009 • 1 Comment

I have applied for a tenancy on a flat. I couldn’t believe how intrusive the forms were. ELEVEN pages! I suppose that they have to be careful, especially in the current financial climate, but hey….Oh, I also have to pay FIFTY pounds for ‘admin costs’, to the estate agent. Assuming that the landlord is paying a fee to the estate agent, why on earth do I have to? Win-win for the agents. As usual. So–assuming I get the flat-and I don’t see why I shouldn’t-I will be leaving Paris in just over three months.

What will I miss about Paris? Me being me-the food. A boulangerie on almost every street with most of them selling great stuff, the street markets, which are the most wonderful entertainment as well as a source of–well, everything, and my neighbours.

What won’t I miss? Mostly the French ‘sense of humour’ (either very childish or non-existent) and their obsession with mince.


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This morning I peered round my door curtain, bleary eyed and ok–slightly hung over and reeled back in amazement. There in the courtyard were—a troop of huskies. As I rubbed my eyes, trying to decide if I was actually still asleep, I realised that they weren’t ACTUALLY moving. Another bloody art installation. This is Paris after all….oh and don’t be misled by the ‘noel’  on the studio opposite–Samuel appears to be leaving it up in time for xmas next year..lazy bugger.whatttttt???

mission accomplished–so far…

•February 11, 2009 • 4 Comments

Well…..I am now officially a university student. The flying visit to the UK to be interviewed at Leeds was well worth it. They said that I was ‘just the sort of student they wanted’ and offered me a place on the Art History with Museum Studies course on the spot. I am more than pleased. Now to tackle the twin hurdles of student finance and getting a flat.

There is no way in hell I will be going into halls. For one thing I am 30 years older than almost every first year student and for another, I have the cat. So there will be another one or two quick visits in the near future to scout out accomodation.

on track

•January 23, 2009 • 2 Comments

My ‘Gap Year’ is almost half over. Can’t quite believe that I have been here for five months. I now have unconditional places at two universities and an interview date for another. I have yet to hear from a further two. So it looks like I will definately be studying in the UK next year. Exciting.

Just around the corner

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As I shuffle to and fro around the 11me, two places I love to pass are the old mosaic workshop on Passage Rauch and Defrise on Rue Basfroi. mosaicworks1a1

It must be wonderful for children to pass by this old workshop and spot the various animals, each with it’s own expressive face and posture.mosaicworks4 very cheeky>>>>>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       mosaicworks5 <<  and bored

Just around the corner from the mosaic menagerie is Defrise. An Aladdin’s cave of a place spanning a number of old properties. I first came across it when I was limping around after having injured my ankle and wondering if I should resort to a cane. I thought I had hit gold dust when I spied what looked like a hundred canes in a shop window. Unfortunately Defrise does not sell; it doesn’t even allow public through it’s doors. Defrise hires props out to the theatre and film industries. It’s windows are stuffed to the gills with amazingly interesting stuff–old bicylces, cases, silverware, books–you name it and Defrise probably has it and you’ve already seen it in some French film. If you are fortunate enough to see the courtyard open, you could sneak part way in an ogle at some of the wonders there. I was once accosted by a stuffed lion being wheeled out and into a van, destined for who knows where. Wish I’d had my camera that time….defrise4a defrise1

No no-I had to go….

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Another Museum I experienced recently was the Musee de L’Erotisme in Pigalle. My daughter brought a friend to Paris for New Year and after the compulsory let’s get your photo in front of the Sexodrome–ah everyone does it-, I know, we were walking along Boulevard de Clichy and we literally stumbled across the Musee de L’Erotisme. The potential for great embarrassment was avoided, as my son had remained at the apartment to revise, so we three eagerly ran inside.

SEVEN floors of fun! Go–you’ll love it.